Next update is expected within 10 days from now (16-1-2013)

- Fix for the In-App purchase which does not function yet in version 1.1.


Version 1.1 - Released on 15-1-2013

The Ez Poker Notes App update has now been approved.

You can update you to version 1.1 in the app store.

What has been added?

1. Player names can be edited.

2. You will be able to organize groups of notes. In the current version you are only able to move organize your notes in any order you would like. The new version will enable you to do the same with the groups.

3. Inside the App you will be able to purchase 150 premade EZ notes and 50 premade EZ groups for $0.99. You can save a lot of time by purchasing notes and groups. For a full list of the notes and groups that you will receive, please visit the following link. (Something went wrong with the in-app purchase. A new fix has been submitted today (16-1-2013) and is awaiting approval).