Do you ever wonder why you always have the idea that other poker players at your table
know exactly what you are doing? In your mind they are always one step ahead of you.

Let me tell you a secret.......

This is because they are taking notes of you!

They write everything down in a simple note tool so they will always know what kind of
player you are. These players do not have a photographic memory. Don´t worry.... you can
beat them, but what you need is a tool that will help you store all the information about
their game.

Ez Poker Notes is this tool.

With Ez Poker Notes you are able to gain edge over those live poker opponents who always
know what you were doing. Ez Poker Notes enables you to make faster and more accurate
notes then your opponents. It also helps you to create a visual representation of yout opponents
with the help of imaging. Imaging is an extremely powerful tool to remember an incredible
amount of short term information. A very powerful technique widely used by memory experts.

Do not wait, be one step ahead of your opponents and gain edge today!!

Download Ez Poker Notes for your Iphone